Demonstrators carrying giant posters reading "Stop the world for Gaza" and "Lift the siege on Gaza" stopped vehicles and blocked the flow of traffic for a while.

The demonstration, which the police took security measures around the perimeter, was filmed from the air by helicopters. Images of the demonstration shared on social media attracted great interest.

After the demonstration, which ended without incident, traffic on the bridge returned to its normal course.


On the other hand, hundreds of people organized a similar demonstration in Chicago, one of the largest cities in the US, and blocked the road to the airport in the morning to draw attention to what is happening in Gaza.

Demonstrators blocked 3 roads leading to Chicago's O'Hare International Airport, holding banners calling attention to the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and reminding Americans of the humanitarian crisis in the region.

Wearing red banners with the words "stop the genocide" around their necks, the demonstrators formed a long human chain and blocked the roads leading to the airport.

After completing their demonstration, the Palestinian supporters dispersed without incident.

Attack on the Prime Minister of Slovakia: Shot in the stomach! Attack on the Prime Minister of Slovakia: Shot in the stomach!