1. Not socializing enough

Loneliness can damage our mood and brain function. Individuals who are more connected to their environment have been observed to have healthier brain function.

2. Sticking to the same routine

Learning new things keeps the brain young. Learning boosts creativity, information flows and generally improves our cognitive skills.

3. Being constantly stressed

Anxiety and stress affect both our mental and physical health. Try to find ways to reduce stress levels, even if it is difficult in everyday life.

4. Not eating properly

The way we eat affects our brain health. It's not always easy to have a completely balanced diet, but eating the right nutrients can keep you performing at your peak.

5. Not getting enough sleep

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The average adult needs 7 to 8 hours of sleep to feel rested and ready for the day, but few of us actually get the sleep we need. Not getting enough sleep can lead to reduced memory, problem-solving ability and reasoning skills.

6. Being sedentary

Moving our bodies a little bit every day increases blood flow and growth hormones in the brain and reduces stress. Your workouts don't have to be high intensity to create positive changes in your brain health.

7. No time for fun

Our brain health also depends on our happiness, sense of well-being and how much fun we have. Just participating in recreational activities reduces the risk of dementia.