In a statement released by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), 29 researchers reviewed scientific research on "talc" found in cosmetic products.

The statement said that people are exposed to the mineral "talc" by working in mines and the paper industry or through the use of cosmetic products, and emphasized that there has been a steady increase in ovarian cancer cases in women who reported using body powder containing talc in the "perineal area".


"Talc", which is naturally found near asbestos minerals, is classified as a "Group 2A (probable)" carcinogen, the statement said, noting that there is "sufficient evidence" that the mineral causes cancer in test animals.

The statement said that the findings in the scientific articles examined revealed that malignant tumors were found in female mice exposed to "talc", while both benign and malignant tumors were found in male mice.

IARC's findings were included in the article published in the journal "The Lancet Oncology".


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On June 12, US cosmetics and hygiene products manufacturer Johnson & Johnson agreed to pay $700 million to settle investigations by 42 states and the capital, Washington, into allegations that its baby powder and other talc-based products cause cancer.

Editor: David Goodman