EU made a statement for Srebrenica! EU made a statement for Srebrenica!

Russia targeted Ukraine in the early hours. At least 20 people were killed and many others were injured in the attack with more than 40 missiles on many points in the capital Kiev. Buildings and vehicles were badly damaged in Darnytskyi, Desnianskyi, Sviatoshynskyi, Holosiivskyi, Dniprovskyi, Solomianskyi, Darnytskyi and Shevchenkivskyi districts of the capital.


Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky announced that Russian forces had hit the Okhmatdyt Children's Hospital, saying, "The Okhmatdyt Children's Hospital in Kiev is one of the most important hospitals not only in Ukraine but also in Europe. It has saved and nursed back to health thousands of children. Now it has been damaged in a Russian attack, people are under the rubble, the exact number of injured and dead is unknown at the moment." Stating that doctors and residents are working to remove the rubble, Zelenskiy said, "Russia must fully answer for all its crimes against children and humanity. It is very important that the world no longer remains silent, that everyone sees what Russia is and what it is doing."


Kiev Mayor Vitali Klitschko reported that fragments of shells dropped by air defense systems fell in 2 central districts of the capital. Andriy Yermak, Head of the Ukrainian Presidential Office, said: "This shelling targeted civilians, hit infrastructure. The whole world should see today the consequences of terrorism and that it must be responded to only with force."

Editor: David Goodman