The island is being wiped off the map: Evacuations begin! The island is being wiped off the map: Evacuations begin!

At the daily press conference in Beijing, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Mao Ning stressed that the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) should heed the calls of the Arab countries and the Palestinian people and fulfill its role in ensuring a ceasefire, protecting civilians and preventing a wider humanitarian catastrophe.

Stating that China is in favor of the UN Security Council playing a responsible role in resolving the crisis, Spokesperson Mao said, "China is deeply disappointed that the United States blocked the draft resolution on the situation between Israel and Palestine. The Security Council should fulfill its mandate to de-escalate the conflict and prevent the humanitarian crisis from worsening."

The Chinese Ambassador condemned the "indiscriminate use of force" and emphasized that Israel "must fulfill its obligations under international humanitarian law."

The draft resolution submitted to the Security Council, led by Brazil, condemning all attacks on civilians and calling for humanitarian assistance to Palestinians in Gaza, won the support of 12 out of 15 countries, but was blocked by the US, which has veto power, while the UK and Russia abstained.

Mao underlined that China supports any initiative to protect civilians and prevent the humanitarian crisis.

China's Permanent Representative to the UN, Cang Jun, called on all members to fulfill their responsibilities under the UN Charter at the Security Council's emergency session following the Israeli attack on the al-Ahli Baptist Hospital on October 7, which killed 471 people.

Editor: David Goodman