Italy is flooded! At least 15 people lost their lives Italy is flooded! At least 15 people lost their lives

Commenting on the candidacy of Huliak, the candidate of the Slovak National Party (SNS), Caputova said: "A candidate who has long failed to recognize the scientific consensus on climate change and believes that there is no real climate crisis cannot lead and represent a department whose main task, according to the law, is to protect nature and the Earth's climate system."

While Caputova asked Social Democratic Party (SMER) chairman Robert Fico to nominate a new candidate, an SNS party spokesperson told the Slovak News Agency (TASR) that his party would not change its candidate and warned the president not to exceed his powers.

The rejection could make it difficult for Fico to get his coalition government approved and represent his country as prime minister at the European Summit in Brussels, Belgium, on October 26-27.

SMER President Fico, who finished first in the country's September 30 elections, signed a coalition agreement on October 16 with Liberal Voice Party (HLAS) leader Peter Pellegrini and SNS leader Andrej Danko to form the government.

Rudolf Huliak, who was elected from the SNS list but is not a member of the party, was nominated for the post of Environment Minister in the coalition government.