US Defense Secretary Austin held a press conference at the Pentagon with US Chief of Staff Charles Q. Brown held a press conference at the Pentagon.

Speaking after the Ukraine Defense Liaison Group meeting, which he attended via video conference, Austin said, "I am pleased to announce an additional $ 6 billion commitment that will allow us to provide new support from US industry to Ukraine through the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative."

Austin said the additional $6 billion security assistance package will include critical interceptors for Ukraine's Patriot and NASAMS air defense systems, more unmanned aerial vehicle systems and support equipment, significant amounts of artillery ammunition and air-to-surface munitions, and maintenance and sustainment support.


Stating that the delivery of these military aid materials to Ukraine depends on the speed of the US manufacturing industry, Austin emphasized that with this package, they are investing not only in Ukraine's defense but also in the capacity of the US industry.

Austin also thanked Congress and US President Joe Biden for approving the $95 billion foreign aid package, including $61 billion in military aid to Ukraine and $26 billion to Israel.

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President Biden signed and approved the $95 billion foreign aid package yesterday, which was passed by both houses of Congress this week, and then announced that Ukraine would receive $1 billion in emergency military aid.

Stating that the weapons to be sent to Ukraine are produced in the USA and thus make a serious contribution to the American defense and arms industry, Biden stated that they support both Ukraine and American producers against Russia in this way.

In the aid package in question, in addition to the aid to Ukraine, the fact that Israel, which is held responsible for the killing of nearly 35 thousand Palestinian civilians in the ongoing attacks in Gaza, will provide a new support of 26 billion dollars in total, caused reactions.

In the $95 billion package signed by Biden, $61 billion is allocated for military support to Ukraine, $26 billion for military support to Israel, including $9 billion for humanitarian aid to war zones including Gaza, and $8.1 billion for support to the Indo-Pacific region (Taiwan).