Independent Vermont Senator Sanders, one of the most prominent Jewish figures in the US Senate, was a guest on CNN's "State of the Union" program.

When asked about the anti-Semitic rhetoric in the ongoing demonstrations in support of Palestine at universities in the US, Sanders emphasized that anti-Semitism must be opposed along with all kinds of hate crimes and Islamophobia.

Regarding the host's persistent efforts to highlight the victimization of Jewish students at universities, Sanders said that he is Jewish himself and that the focus should be on the humanitarian disaster caused by Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in Gaza.

Giant billboard toppled! Giant billboard toppled!


Sanders stated that Israel is systematically trying to destroy the health system in Gaza and essentially all of Gaza, and said, "Most of the American people are disgusted by Netanyahu's war machine and oppose US support for it."

Noting that Israel killed 5 percent of Gaza's society in 6.5 months, a rate unprecedented in the history of modern warfare, he said, "Netanyahu must be held accountable for this."

Pointing out that the definition of genocide is made by the courts, Sanders said, "However, it is indisputable that Netanyahu has committed ethnic cleansing in Gaza. He displaced 80 percent of the people of Gaza. Now he is threatening to attack Rafah, where people are taking refuge because it is safe. This is unacceptable."