With Bitcoin (BTC) jumping above a critical level, the comments of famous cryptocurrency analysts surprised.

Popular cryptocurrency analyst Skew said on X (formerly Twitter), referring to recent market patterns, "Altcoins had a nice bounce but should tend to break the highs of the week again.

Skew, who made evaluations based on the volatile price movements in Bitcoin, made statements that will make altcoin investors smile.

The trader and analyst, who evaluates altcoins, made confident comments that we will see a full-throttle "altcoin season" season from now on, which would rival anything seen since the market's rise to all-time highs in 2017.

He suggested that dominance was merely a "backtest" as it attempted to rebound after falling below the uptrend this year. The most critical comment of the analyst, who predicted for the altcoin bull over dominance, was the following:

"The biggest altcoin season since 2017 is coming!"
"From this point until the CME reopens, we doubt we will see a clear move in BTC."

Another popular cryptocurrency analyst Daan Crypto Trades told his X followers, "The weekend price action is very good so far."

Bullish sign in BTC price structure!

Bitcoin did not disappoint investors despite pricing in a range below ATH compared to the previous cycle.

Morgan Stanley's remarkable Bitcoin investment! Morgan Stanley's remarkable Bitcoin investment!

For Alan Tardigrade, famous for his trades, the monthly BTC/USD chart looks promising.

"On the monthly chart, Bitcoin is still above the triangle peak, which is quite bullish," he said in his latest X analysis. Stating that the accumulation process points to positivity, Alan said that consolidation is essential to witness a solid bull run.