Experts warned: The next pandemic will be caused by the flu virus! Experts warned: The next pandemic will be caused by the flu virus!

South Korean technology giant Samsung announced that it has developed a very important feature for its smartwatches. According to the statement on the company's website, Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 6 users will be able to find out whether they are suffering from "sleep apnea" through their smartwatches. The new feature, which will be available only in South Korea in the first phase, will reach many countries in the next phase.

Sleep apnea, which is known as a serious and quite common disorder, is, in the simplest terms, respiratory arrest during sleep. Considering how important quality sleep is for our routine life, you can imagine how sleep apnea will affect our lives. This new feature developed for Samsung's smartwatches will make it possible to detect sleep apnea at an early stage and treat it before it causes much bigger problems.

How will the feature work?

According to the statement made by Samsung, the sleep apnea feature will benefit from the bioactive sensor in smartwatches. In this context; how and how much the oxygen level in the blood changes during sleep will be measured. These measurements will help to understand how many times the person's breathing is interrupted. The user will see certain numerical values on the new screen that will be presented on sleep apnea via Samsung Health Monitor. These values are

5-15 mild
15-30 medium
30% and above heavy