In the Qatar Grand Prix, the 18th leg of the season in the Formula 1 World Championship, Verstappen secured the Formula 1 championship for the 2023 season as a result of the sprint race held on the 5.419-kilometer track with the same name as the city of Lusail.

Verstappen would have been crowned champion had he finished in the top six in the sprint race in Qatar.

In the sprint race, McLaren's Australian driver Oscar Piastri finished first, Verstappen finished second and McLaren's Great Britain driver Lando Norris finished third.

Verstappen's points in the sprint race means he now leads his rivals ahead of the 6 Grand Prix, including tomorrow's Qatar race.
the points difference he couldn't close and declared himself champion.

The 57-lap race in Qatar will start at 20.00 tomorrow.

In the organization, championship candidate Red Bull driver Max Verstappen has 13 race wins, teammate Sergio Perez has 2, and Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz has 1 race win. The Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix, the 6th leg of the season, was canceled due to adverse weather conditions.

Before tomorrow's Qatar Grand Prix, the top 5 ranks of the drivers and teams are as follows:


1st Max Verstappen (Netherlands): 407 points

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2nd Sergio Perez (Mexico): 223

3rd Lewis Hamilton (Great Britain): 194

4th Fernando Alonso (Spain): 174

5th Carlos Sainz (Spain): 153