The 59-year-old rocker made the controversial comments during a new interview while criticizing other female musicians, including Cruel Summer hitmaker Lana Del Rey and Beyonce. Courtney said she "absolutely hates" the idea of Taylor and had this to say about the multi-award-winning singer:

"Taylor doesn't matter. She can be a safe space for girls and she's probably the Madonna of now, but she's not interesting as an artist"


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Taylor's close friend didn't hold back when talking about Lana Del Rey, claiming that Rey "really needs to take seven years off." Admitting that she hasn't liked the Video Games hitmaker for several years, the former Hole frontwoman continued:

"I haven't liked Lana since she covered a John Denver song. I thought she was great until 'Take Me Home Country Roads'"

However, she admitted that she had to stop listening to Lana's music while recording her new album because it "influenced" her too much.

Courtney made these comments during an interview with The Standard, ironically while promoting her new series Courtney Love's Women, which focuses on women in music who have helped shape her long career. After taking aim at Madonna, whom she said she "doesn't like," it seemed like no one was safe from the criticism she directed at Beyonce.Discussing the Grammy-winning singer's country album Cowboy Carter, Courtney shared her disappointment with the history-making album.

"I mean, I love the idea of Beyonce making a country album because it's about Black women getting into spaces that only white women have been able to get into before, not that I love it, I love it conceptually, I just don't love the music," she added.