Nudging is one of the platform's oldest features. It even goes back to the days when Facebook was only accessible to university students. Even then, the poked person received a notification. Users poked each other for flirting or friendship, just like in the following years.

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You can imagine that such a popular feature might have been the result of a lot of brainstorming. But an interview Zuckerberg gave in a 2005 CBS episode for young tech entrepreneurs suggests that this was not the case. Emphasizing creativity, the famous billionaire says that he came up with the idea while drunk.

The idea, which came to Zuckerberg when he was high, became one of Facebook's most popular features in the following years and played an important role in the lives of a generation. However, over time, it lost its popularity and was forgotten. Until now, the platform has not shared any information about how it came about. It is also very interesting that Zuckerberg's almost 19-year-old statement has just been noticed. It should be noted that Meta has not yet commented on the subject.