Waves more than 6 meters tall hit the shore. Californians started running for their lives.

Pablo Escobar decision from the EU! Pablo Escobar decision from the EU!

The severe storm that affected the Pacific Ocean brought life to a standstill in the state of California on the west coast of the USA.

Californians watching the waves in the ocean on the beach suddenly came face to face with death.

The wave hitting the shore began to drag dozens of people.

A local resident who was caught in one of the waves that caused the closure of the beaches in the center and south of the state of California described what he experienced:

"I was at the mercy of the waves."

"I turned around, and before I could even take half a step, the water was over the wall. It was very high, 3-4 meters."

The flood that flooded the streets injured 8 people.

Gardens of houses were submerged and cars parked on the street were washed away.

Residents built sand walls to protect themselves from the wild waves