Hollywood star Bruce Willis, who rose to fame with the 1985 TV series 'Moonlighting', was diagnosed with aphasia, a dysfunction in some parts of the brain that affects skills such as speech, comprehension and reading and writing. The disease of the veteran actor, who quit acting due to his illness, was updated as frontotemporal dementia.


Emma Heming, who published photos taken with Bruce Willis in a garden years ago, wrote in her post, "16 years with this special man... My love and admiration for him is growing".

Emma Heming, who Burce Willis married in 2009 and is the mother of his two children, spent most of her day taking care of the famous actor due to her husband's illness. Many people; "What a lucky person Bruce is" commented.


However, Emma Heming's constant posts about Bruce Willis angered some of her followers. According to them, Heming is using her husband's failing health to boost her popularity.

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Many have suggested that Bruce Willis is probably not even aware of all this because he has lost his cognitive functions. "Please show some respect for Bruce's privacy," one social media user called out.

Meanwhile, many have suggested that Emma Heming is using her ill and out-of-control husband Bruce Willis as some kind of publicity stunt to benefit herself.

In addition, one user made a much harsher comment, stating that "Emma is preparing for the money and property she will inherit after her husband's death".

In fact, it was Emma Heming's words "My husband doesn't even realize what he's going through" that led to these harsh comments...


But besides all these harsh comments, there were also those who supported this crowded family. These people argued that this attention from his ex and new wives and children would be good for Bruce Willis.

There were also many users who said that this is Willis and his family's life, that they should be left alone and that they don't deserve these cruel comments.


It was also suggested that the effects of the disease did not appear suddenly in Bruce Willis, in fact, the famous actor had been showing some strange symptoms for some time. Stuart F. Wilson, who was Bruce Willis' stunt double for 17 years, said, "He had changed over the last few years. But it was not so obvious that something was wrong. A few months before it was announced that he had aphasia, Willis was acting very differently on set. Sometimes when we talked to him, he seemed distracted. I realized that he had another problem besides forgetfulness."