With the recent resurgence of demands for independence for the state of Texas, it should not be surprising to see a group of powerful actors quietly opposing the idea. Yes, it is interesting that globalists are against Texas becoming an independent state, and it is worth taking a closer look.

First of all, to understand why globalists are against Texas independence, we need to consider the economic potential of the state. Texas is one of the largest states in the United States and is an economic powerhouse around the world. This may be a reason for globalists to worry that if Texas were to become a state in its own right, it could significantly alter the global economic balance.

Another factor is that globalists opposed to Texas independence want to maintain their control and power. The ability of a large and powerful state like Texas to make decisions on its own could challenge the central authority controlled by the globalists, which would be against their interests. It is therefore not surprising that they oppose Texas' demands for independence.

Finally, another factor underlying the globalists' discomfort with Texas' independence may be ideological differences. Texas represents a conservative and independentist spirit in the United States. This contrasts with the globalists' more centralized and internationally cooperative worldview.

Court rules on Assange: He will be able to challenge his extradition to the US! Court rules on Assange: He will be able to challenge his extradition to the US!

As a result, globalists' opposition to Texas independence may be due to a combination of economic, political and ideological factors. However, the demands of the people of Texas for independence should be evaluated in a democratic process and public opinion should be heard.