Risk of heart disease

Eating junk food can increase the risk of heart disease. Junk food increases your blood levels of triglycerides and cholesterol. You are also more likely to gain weight due to the large amount of calories in these foods, which creates an additional risk of heart disease.


Eating junk food can raise your blood pressure. Your blood pressure rises because of the large amounts of salt in these foods. The increased risk of obesity and diabetes due to the excess fat, sugar, refined flour and calories they contain also negatively affects your blood pressure.


Unhealthy foods can lead to diabetes. With a healthy diet, your blood sugar does not fluctuate much. However, due to the high amounts of sugar and refined flour in junk food, your blood sugar becomes unregulated, which can lead to diabetes after a while.


Attention women: Forget all birth control methods ever! Attention women: Forget all birth control methods ever!

Eating junk food can increase the risk of cancer. There is a large body of research showing that eating too much of these foods increases the likelihood of developing many types of cancer, especially stomach, bowel, prostate, breast and liver cancers.


Unhealthy foods can damage the liver. The high amounts of trans fats and sugars in these foods can cause fatty liver disease, leading to cirrhosis.

Gastrointestinal system

Eating junk food can cause indigestion. Since most junk food is fried and overly spicy, it can aggravate symptoms, especially in people with reflux or functional bowel disorders. Junk food can also be a cause of constipation because it is low in fiber.

Brain function

This type of food can affect your brain function. Studies have shown that rats fed junk food for a week showed memory decline. The reason for this is trans fats, which are abundant in junk food.


Unhealthy food can be the root cause of fatigue. Although junk food can make you feel full, it lacks the nutrients that provide strength. So, for people who eat mostly junk food and don't eat a healthy diet, this can be the cause of chronic fatigue. Maybe this is why you can't even lift your arm.


Eating junk food can be a cause of depression in young adolescents. Many hormonal changes in adolescents make them susceptible to emotional and behavioral changes. A healthy diet is essential to maintain hormonal balance. Because junk food lacks essential nutrients, it can more than halve the likelihood of depression in young adolescents.

For all these reasons, it is best to avoid junk food and eat as little as possible. Eating a healthy diet is a prerequisite for a healthy life. The easiest way to eat healthy is to cook at home.

Editor: David Goodman