In Rio de Janeiro, a woman took the dead body of an old man to the bank to get a loan of 17,000 reais, or 3,400 dollars. Bank employees videotaped the incident and called the police. The woman was detained and the bizarre video quickly went viral on social media. A woman, identified as Érika de Souza Vieira Nunes, was filmed standing next to a pale old man sitting in a chair. The woman was holding the man's head up, talking to him and asking him to sign the loan papers.


Nunes allegedly introduced himself as the old man's niece. She kept saying to him, "Uncle, are you listening? You need to sign the loan agreement. If you don't sign it, we can't get the money because I can't sign for you."

A bank employee noticed that the man in the wheelchair did not look well and asked the woman if they were okay.

The woman claimed that the man, whom she claimed was her uncle, was fine and usually did not speak.


Bank employees soon called the police, who later determined that the man, identified as 68-year-old Paulo Roberto Braga, had died a few hours earlier.

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Police Chief Fábio Luiz said of the woman's attempt, who was apprehended at the scene, "She tried to pretend that she was having the loan application signed by the man she brought to the bank already dead. The important thing is to continue the investigation to identify other family members and learn more about this loan."


Police said they will investigate the old man's death, including whether the woman was in fact his niece and whether others were involved in the fraud attempt. The old man's body was taken to the morgue for examination by authorities. Nunes could be charged with fraud or embezzlement, depending on the outcome of the investigation.