Former President Donald Trump claimed yesterday that rising energy prices are boosting Russia's revenues and that the United States is facing major economic threats due to its green energy transition initiative.


Addressing supporters at Drake Enterprises, a non-union auto parts manufacturer near Detroit, Trump condemned President Joe Biden's administration for its policies on electric cars and green energy, calling them a danger to the US auto industry.

Trump warned that the transition to the electric car would shut down activity at America's largest automakers and eventually put factories out of business.

"For auto workers, Biden's transition to the electric car is a transition to unemployment, a transition to hell," the former president said.


During his tenure as president, Trump said, the United States was "more independent" on energy than Russia and China, whereas now "we're begging countries to give us gasoline."

"We will lose our country," Trump warned, arguing that Moscow has "made a fortune" and continues to benefit from high oil prices.

Global oil prices have surged 30 percent since June following voluntary production cuts by OPEC and its allies led by Russia. On Thursday, prices reached their highest level in more than a year and Brent oil rose above $97 a barrel. US West Texas Intermediate futures reached $ 95 a barrel, the highest price since August 2022.

Experts predict that prices will remain high for the rest of the year.