Valiant Richey, Head of Global Outreach and Partnerships at TikTok, and Emir Gelen, Public Policy Manager for TikTok Middle East, North Africa and Turkey, explained the details of the feature that allows parents to link their accounts to their teens' accounts and apply various privacy and security controls at a press conference held in Istanbul.

Richey, Head of Global Outreach and Partnerships at TikTok, said that the Family Matching feature is decisive in creating a safer TikTok experience for young people and emphasized that they want the app to play a positive role in the lives of young people.

Richey said that many parents who use TikTok want to use the tools available but are not aware of them or do not know how to use them, and pointed out that Family Matching is very important for this reason.

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"The Family Map feature, which we introduced a few years ago, allows parents to link their own accounts to their teens' accounts and implement various privacy and security controls, such as managing screen time limits, setting a teen's account as private, and deciding who can comment on their videos. Our research shows that more than half of parents who use TikTok are aware of this feature and actively use it."


Emir Gelen, TikTok Middle East, North Africa, Turkey Region Public Policy Manager, explained that moderation teams are working to ensure that the content on TikTok complies with community rules.

"In Turkey, we proactively remove 98.9 percent of content that violates the rules, and this is a rate well above the global average. We also attach importance to ensuring that parents are aware of the features we offer for the safety of their young people. Our Family Map feature is of great importance in this regard. We know very well that awareness on this issue increases the usage rate. Last year, we ran several campaigns emphasizing TikTok's many similar safety features. As soon as the campaigns started, we saw a 250 percent increase in the use of the Family Match feature across Turkey. Clearly, the more people know, the more they are ready to use it. As TikTok, we are ready to do our part."

Underlining that safety is very important for TikTok, Gelen pointed out that the number one feature for them is to provide a positive experience on the platform and continued his words as follows:

"Of course, parents should also be a part of this positive experience. Now, we already have more than 40 thousand trust and security teams working on our platform, and this 40 thousand team is actually working hard to see how the platform can provide a more positive experience. As TikTok, we benefit from every kind of moderation we can, we benefit from technology. But from time to time, we also ask and expect parents to intervene in this issue. Therefore, if there is something that we cannot see, we can at least provide parents with these controls and opportunities so that they can support us in having a more positive and positive application experience."


Pointing out that there are various measures taken by TikTok in adult use, Gelen said that they have rules under the name of Community Rules for users over the age of 18 and that they take action in case of violations.

Editor: David Goodman