Ophthalmologists, there is no such thing as resting glasses. Resting glasses are only a name given to low-numbered glasses. If the person has a real eye number, the glasses prescribed with the correct examination will already reduce eye and headache. The answer to this question is also no. Wearing glasses only makes the person see more clearly and does not cause any progression of the eye number. Parents may think that the slipped eye in their children will go away over time, but this is wrong. If your child has a slipped eye, it must be treated with glasses or surgery after an examination at an early age before school. Otherwise, it is very difficult to correct this shift in later ages. Another common misconception among the public is that cataracts only occur in the elderly. Cataracts can be seen not only in the elderly, but also in congenital, young and middle-aged people and should be examined on time and operated according to the condition of the cataract. It is popularly said that carrots are good for the eyes. This is also a wrong idea. Eating carrots does not improve vision. The vitamins in vegetables and fruits are already beneficial for vision and eye health. The issue should not be looked at only in terms of eating carrots," he said.