After successive earthquakes in Iceland, it was stated that they were caused by the Agradalsfjall volcano. It is noteworthy that the earthquakes that occurred near Grindavik on the Reykjanes peninsula started to rise with the movements of the magma as it overcomes the obstacles in front of it and approaches the eruption. Photographs showing ground ruptures have come from the region.

The iconic Bluee Lagoon Resort, one of Iceland's most important tourism regions, is located where the movement is taking place. Residents of Grindavik were asked to leave the area while an orange level emergency was declared.

While evacuations continue, nearly 2 thousand earthquakes have occurred in the region recently. Some roads were closed due to falling lava rocks, while the main highway had large cracks.

Blue Lagoon Resort closed most of the lagoons to tourists to avoid the rocks. When the earthquakes started to increase, all guests fled and the facilities were closed. Then the expected happened and the explosion took place.

Movement also started in Italy. In Naples, one of the most active volcanic areas in the region, an estimated 3 million people live near the volcano zone. Evacuation routes are now being planned there as well.

On the other hand, the famous Mount Etna in Sicily is signaling that it is no longer in hibernation. There are hints that an aggressive eruption is imminent. There have been sporadic eruptions in the southeastern crater. There is concern that the level of magma is high and could rise to the surface at any time. It is certain that these explosions will increase within days and a very violent activity will follow. So Etna has woken up.
While Iceland and Italy are worried about volcanic activity, there are unusual developments in other parts of the world. An increase in volcano eruptions can also be expected on a planet that is warming due to 'human-induced' climate change.

According to the Smithsonian Institution's Global Volcanism Program, there are 46 volcanoes that could erupt as of October 11, 2023. While small eruptions continue, an average of around 20 active eruptions occur daily.

Indonesia, which is also among the most active volcanic regions of the world, ranks first with 9 eruptions. 2 of these erupted today. Other areas with high activity are Russia, Papua New Guinea, Japan and the USA.

According to Dr. Tom Pfeiffer from Volcano Study, the volcanoes that are likely to erupt are as follows:


Fagradalsfjall Volcano in Reykjanes (Explosion warning issued)

It's in the Grindavik area. The evacuation of residents has begun.4 cameras are trying to identify the potential eruption zone. This volcano was silent for 800 years until it erupted last year.

EUROPECampi Flegrei in Naples, Italy.Unsettled, new activity is feared.

Sao Jorge Volcano: In Portugal, in a restless state.New activity is feared.

Stromboli, in Italy

Mount Etna, in Italy.

Mount Michael in Britain

AFRICAOl Doinyo Lengai Volcano:In Tanzania, an eruption warning has been issued.Lengai, a cone with two craters, is considered the house of God by the Massai people. When it erupts, it produces an unusually cold liquid lava.Karthala: Indian Ocean, Comoros. In a restless state, there is concern about new activity.

Barren islands, Indian Ocean. This is also restless and there is concern about new activity.

Erta Ale in the Danakil depression, Ethiopia

Nyiragongo in Congo


Karangatang, explosion warning.

Krakatoa, explosion warning.

Kerinci, restless.

Inielika Volcano, restless.




Merapi erupted


Lewotobi exploded


An eruption warning has been issued for the Rincon dela Vieja Volcano in Costa Rica.

Popocatepetl, in Central Mexico.

Santiago, Guatemala.

Fuego, in Guatemala.

Pacaya, Guatemala.

Soufriere St. Vincent

Masaya, Nicaragua.


Ubinas Volcano, in Peru, has been warned of an eruption.

The volcanoes Laguna del Maule in Chile, Purace and Cerro Negro de Mayasquer in Colombia are in a state of unrest.

Reventador and Sangay in Ecuador

Sabancaya in Peru

Nevados de Chillan and Villarrica volcano in central Chile

Nevado del Ruiz Volcano in Colombia


Erebus is one of the most inhospitable and remote of the world's most active volcanoes. It is famous for its active lake of boiling lava.

Volcanoes around the world are on the move simultaneously! - Page 16

Eruption warnings have been issued for Great Sitkin Volcano and Shishaldin Volcano.

Kilauea and Bogoslof volcanoes in Hawaii and Triden Volcano in Alaska are also unsettled.


An eruption warning has been issued for the Klyuchevskoy Volcano in Kamchatka.

Shiveluch, Ebeko and Bezymianny.


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There is an eruption warning for Bagana Volcano in Papua New Guinea.

Uluwan Volcano in Papua New Guinea, Aoba Volcano in Vanuatu, White Island in New Zealand, Tofua Volcano in Tonga are also in a state of unrest.

Yasur and Homereef


An eruption warning has been issued for Suwanose Jima.

Kirishima, Aso Volcano, Nishino-Shima, Kikai, Kuchinoerabu-jima are restless.

Sakura-jima and Law Jima.


Heard Volcano is restless.


Canlaon and Bulusan are restless.

Taal, Pinatubo and Mayon on Luzon Island.