Surprising side effects of antibiotics revealed! Surprising side effects of antibiotics revealed!

The pill, taken before eating, is said to activate the stretch receptors in the stomach, which causes the body to behave as if there is food there. When the pill starts to vibrate, signals sent to the central nervous system via the vagus nerve cause the levels of various hormones that cause satiety to increase and those that cause hunger to decrease. The vibrations, which are powered by a battery built into the swallowed capsule, can be triggered by stomach acid dissolving the membrane around the pill or by a timer.

The pills, which are about the size of vitamin tablets, offer a non-invasive, temporary treatment without the need for weight loss surgery and can be excreted from the body through the excretory system along with other solid waste, the researchers say. The researchers argue that in the future it may be possible to implant an implant with a similar function in the stomach to prevent people from taking this pill continuously.