"Civil War", a radically new American war movie and an action thriller that serves as a provocative foreboding, will be released in our country on April 19. The Civil War movie, about America coming to the brink of collapse, was released at the Paramount cinema in Austin, Texas. The film, which created a lot of controversy regarding the events taking place between the American government and the states today, as a predictive programming, that is, a film that prepares the public for what will happen, received great praise from the audience. The audience found the film gripping and unforgettable, interpreting it as an incredible story and a masterpiece. At the premiere, which was accompanied by a large audience, many of the cast of the film watched the film for the first time. Speaking at the premiere, Alex Garland, the writer and director of the film, answered questions about when and how he wrote the Civil War.

“I started writing the movie 4 years ago”

Civil War has drawn attention for its timing, coming in the middle of a contentious election year in which President Joe Biden has claimed "democracy is at stake" given his rival Donald Trump's history of attempts to subvert election laws. While the idea of a civil war may seem far-fetched today, a 2022 poll by YouGov and the Economist found that 40 percent of Americans believe a new civil war is "at least somewhat likely within the next 10 years." Considering all this, it raises the question of whether the Civil War movie is a trailer for the future, and at the premiere, Alex Garland was asked when he wrote the movie.

Furiosa will have its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival! Furiosa will have its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival!

Explaining that he started writing the film four years ago, Garland said, "After I finished writing it, I sent it to A24 and they said 'okay, very good', which I was very surprised because it is a really brave film to finance, which is really appreciated." Despite commenting that the film does not offer much of an explanation as to how the country came to this dangerous situation, Garland explained that he did this on purpose and said, "The film aims to create a conversation and discussion environment for people. "We wanted to leave a space for everyone to include themselves in this discussion," he said.

Famous actress Kristen Dunst, who plays the war correspondent in the film, praised the film as much as the audience, saying, "I have never read such a script or seen such a film."

What does the Civil War movie say?

Set in a near-future America divided into multiple factions embroiled in a civil war, the film is days away from attacking the capital by the Western Powers, an armed alliance of states rebelling against the federal government. Lee (Kirsten Dunst), a veteran war photographer who has captured brutality and instability around the world in hopes of getting one last interview with the President (Nick Offerman), meets a young, aspiring photographer named Jessie (Cailee Spaeny), whom he reluctantly begins mentoring. He goes to the White House with a small group of journalists.

From the streets of New York to the nation's capital, familiar and iconic images, such as the eerily empty streets of London in the script of Garland's 2002 genre-redefining zombie movie 28 Days Later, are radically reinvented along with exciting action. The serene American landscape standing sideways feels at once surreal and startlingly real.