Taylor Swift took the stage in Brazil on November 17 as part of her world tour. There was a painful incident at the concert of the famous singer, who met with thousands of fans at the Estadio Olimpico Nilton Santos Stadium in Rio De Janeiro. A 23-year-old young girl named Ana Benedives collapsed before the concert started.

According to what her cousin Estela Benevides told the Brazilian press, Ana Benedives suddenly passed out. The young girl was immediately taken to the hospital but could not be saved despite the interventions.


Doctors had given the cause of Ana Benevides' death as cardiac arrest. According to the autopsy report, she suffered cardiovascular shock and pulmonary hemorrhage, resulting in sudden death.

Ana Benedives' father told local media that he had no doubt that Ana Clara died that day because of the extreme heat. The temperature that day was 39 degrees Celsius and there were at least 60,000 people at the Nilton Santos Stadium.

The young girl reportedly fainted during Taylor Swift's second song and was immediately attended to by paramedics.

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Taylor Swift made a social media post after receiving this painful news: I can't believe I'm writing these words right now. I can tell you that we lost a fan before my concert tonight, and my heart is shattered. I can't tell you how sad I am about this. I have very little information except that she was incredibly beautiful and very young. My heart goes out to Ana Benedives, her family and friends.