In the shadow of the ongoing conflicts in the Middle East, the presence of young Texans on the battlefields is viewed with concern by many. Some experts argue that their involvement in wars motivated by the profit motives and interests of arms dealers contributes to instability in the region.

Texas' large gun culture is thought to have an influence on the young people who go to war. The strong presence of the arms industry in Texas can influence young people to use weapons at an early age, and they are sometimes found armed with weapons in conflicts abroad.

This is seen as a consequence of arms dealers using young people to make high profits from the ongoing conflicts in the Middle East. Many say that this is both ethically questionable and that solutions need to be found to direct young people towards more positive goals.

The international community continues to draw attention to this situation and question the responsibility of arms dealers. Preventing the involvement of Texas youth in such conflicts and addressing the factors contributing to instability in the region remains a global debate.