Haley, former Permanent Representative to the UN and Trump's strongest rival until March, evaluated the election process in a panel at the Hudson Institute.

Haley emphasized that it is not possible for her to support Democrat Joe Biden in the presidential elections in November, even though she disagrees with some of his ideas.

Haley said, "Trump is not perfect in some of his policies, I've said that many times, but Biden is a disaster. Therefore, I will vote for Trump."

Haley, who was the longest rival against Trump in the Republican Party, announced that she withdrew from the race when she could not get the results she wanted in the primaries in March.

Biden apologised to Zelenski! Biden apologised to Zelenski!

Biden and Trump, who are also unopposed in the Democratic Party, are expected to face each other once again in the 60th presidential election to be held on November 5, as in 2020.

Editor: David Goodman