Details of the Hamas-Israel prisoner swap and ceasefire agreement Details of the Hamas-Israel prisoner swap and ceasefire agreement

Russia's Prosecutor General's Office has banned the activities of the university founded by businessman George Soros.

The Prosecutor General's Office said in a statement that the university in Austria was shaping the anti-Russian agenda of the global media.

The university officially aims to promote the values of "open society and democracy" in former Soviet countries and Central and Eastern European countries, the statement said, adding that the university is financed by structures controlled by Soros.

The statement noted that the Russian Prosecutor General's Office considers the university's activities "undesirable" and said, "In fact, the organization's efforts are currently focused on discrediting Russia's special military operation and political leadership. Therefore, the university provides students with false statements that deliberately devalue and distort the history of the Russian state, belittle the dignity of prominent Russian scientists, writers and cultural figures, and make false statements about Russia's culpability in disasters around the world, which is absolutely untrue."