Pope Francis: "Conservatives are suicidal" Pope Francis: "Conservatives are suicidal"

The Venezuelan attorney general's office announced that an "arrest warrant" has been issued for opposition leader Juan Guaido, the former President of the National Assembly (AN) who lives in the United States.

Venezuelan Attorney General Tarek William Saab announced at a press conference that Guaido, who has been living in the US since April, has been issued an "arrest warrant" on charges of "money laundering, treason and economic damage to the state". Stating that 3 prosecutors have been assigned to carry out the legal process regarding Guaido, Saab said that they will request a red bulletin before Interpol for the capture of the opposition leader.

Saab said that Guaido had created a fabricated government, causing the state $19 billion in losses and financing himself through Citgo, the US subsidiary of the State Oil Company (PDVSA).

Saab expressed hope that Guaido will be handed over to the country with the help of international cooperation channels, noting that there are many investigation files opened against the former AN president.


Juan Guaido was deported from Colombia, where he had traveled on April 25 to attend an international conference. Guaido, who said that he faced a similar situation in Colombia as in his country, expressed his satisfaction for his smooth exit with the intervention of the United States.

Opposition leader Guaido declared himself Venezuela's "interim president" on January 23, 2019 and received the support of many Latin American and Western countries, especially the United States.

The government coalition led by President Nicolas Maduro won the parliamentary elections held in Venezuela on December 7, 2020, while the opposition led by Guaido boycotted the elections.