Fiona Harvey, who allegedly inspired Netflix's new hit series Baby Reindeer, threatened to sue Netflix in a television interview.

Harvey, who plays the character Martha in Netflix's "Baby Reindeer" series, which the network has released as a "true story", said of writer and director Richard Gadd, "He's a liar".

According to The Independent, Scottish lawyer Harvey spoke about comedian Richard Gadd's popular drama series in a "bizarre and disturbing" interview with Piers Morgan.

Harvey, who said that he did not watch the show because he would get sick if he did, said that he found the production "misogynistic" even from what he was told.

According to the report, Harvey denied allegations that she stalked comedian Gadd between 2014 and 2015 in a pre-recorded interview that was described as "unethical". 

Before the episode aired on YouTube, viewers questioned whether Morgan's decision to interview Harvey was ethical after Gadd told The Independent that the real person who inspired Martha was "mentally unstable".


During the interview, which was viewed nearly 4 million times in just 12 hours, Harvey denied claims that he sent Gadd 41,000 emails and 100 letters. Netflix had previously claimed that the emails in the series were real emails from Gadd's stalker.

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"I think he probably made them up himself," Harvey said, adding that he sent only a few emails instead. When asked by Morgan for a count, he said he sent "less than 10 emails" to the comedian.

Harvey also said she had only met the comedian a few times and that she had asked him to "leave her alone" during a tense meeting with broadcaster Piers Morgan.


Speaking on Piers Morgan's Uncensored, Harvey said: "I'm going to take legal action against Richard Gadd and Netflix. We've partly instructed lawyers, but we want to explore all options out there. There are a lot of people we could sue."

Harvey also described the harassment she faced online after fans of the show discovered her identity, saying, "This has taken over my life enough. I find it horrible and misogynistic. Some of the death threats online have been really horrible. People have been calling me on the phone."