The Seoul Economic Daily newspaper wrote that Samsung has delayed mass production plans at its new chip factory in Texas, which could deal another blow to the Biden administration's goal of increasing domestic semiconductor supply.

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Mass production at the $17 billion factory will begin in 2025, the newspaper reported, citing Samsung executive Choi Siyoung's speech at an event in San Francisco.

When Samsung announced the investment in 2021, it said the factory would start production in the second half of 2024.

Earlier, giant chip company Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. decided to postpone production at its new factory in Arizona to 2025 due to a lack of qualified employees in some units.

The news of delays in the US facilities of two of the world's leading chipmakers poses a significant risk to US President Joe Biden's plans to increase chip manufacturing capacity in the US.

The revisions to TSMC and Samsung's plans mean that their new multi-billion dollar plants could only become operational after next year's US presidential elections.