Warning from Silicon Valley: Artificial intelligence could spell the end of humanity! Warning from Silicon Valley: Artificial intelligence could spell the end of humanity!

South Korean technology giant Samsung made an important announcement at the LSI Tech Day 2023 event. The company officially announced its new mobile processor called "Exynos 2400".

The processor, which is likely to be used in the Galaxy S24 family, is very ambitious in terms of CPU, GPU and artificial intelligence.

Samsung Exynos 2400 is 70 percent faster than the Exynos 2200 we know from Galaxy S22s, according to the company's claim. The processor's artificial intelligence processing speed is 14.7 times faster than Exynos 2200. Moreover, AMD's most advanced GPU architecture to date, RDNA3, was preferred in this processor.

The Xclipse 940 GPU in the processor has ultra-good gaming and ray tracing speed according to Samsung's statement
will be. From here; It is possible to say that Samsung's new processor will enchant for mobile games.

Just like the iPhone 15, PC and console games can come to Samsung phones!

It may be possible to run PC and console games that require high performance such as Residen Evil: Village or GTA V on Apple's expected device iPhone 15 family. Details shared for the Exynoss 2400 show that Samsung has developed a mobile system architecture that is powerful enough to keep up with Apple.

Thanks to this processor, Samsung phones that will be released next year will be able to produce images like artificial intelligences such as Midjourney or DALL-E!
Developing artificial intelligence technologies and using AI-powered tools is not easy. The whole process requires high performance. Samsung is very ambitious in this regard. The company said that it has created a new tool for the Exynos 2400, and that this artificial intelligence-supported tool will produce images from texts. This statement reveals that Samsung phones will be equipped with DALL-E-like technology.

Editor: David Goodman