Researchers claim that ChatGPT, the chatbot developed by OpenAI, is the first artificial intelligence to pass the Turing test. Most people allegedly cannot distinguish the answers given by the chatbot from the answers given by a human.

The Turing test, proposed by computer pioneer Alan Turing as an "imitation game", claims that if an AI cannot tell whether the responses given by the AI are given by a human or a machine, then that AI should be considered truly intelligent.

Scientists suggest that ChatGPT-4 can fool more than half of human test subjects.

In the study of 500 people, subjects were allowed to talk to four different responders. These responders included a human, the 1960s AI programme ELIZA, GPT-3.5 and the latest version of ChatGPT, GPT-4.

Elon Musk opposed Apple and OpenAI cooperation! Elon Musk opposed Apple and OpenAI cooperation!

After five minutes of conversation, participants were asked whether the person they were talking to was human or AI. In the published study, 54 per cent of the participants evaluated GPT-4 as human.

ELIZA, which contains pre-programmed responses, was rated as human 22 per cent of the time, while GPT-3.5 was rated as human 50 per cent of the time and the human participant 67 per cent of the time.

The researchers stated that they see the study as a step towards future interactions between man and machine. The study also highlights how AI has changed in the GPT era.

Editor: David Goodman