According to the analysis of the Credit Rating Agency AKRA, banks in Russia will set an all-time profit record. Analysts expect the banking sector to close the year with a profit of 2.6 trillion rubles ($26 billion). The Russian press thinks that the sector could break the all-time profit record with this amount.

RBC, reporting on the agency's analysis, wrote that this year banks earned significant income, especially from foreign exchange transactions. According to AKRA's estimate, the income from foreign exchange transactions is close to 800 billion rubles ($8.1 billion).

Russian banks last posted a profit of 2.37 trillion rubles in 2021. Between January and July this year, the sector's profit reached 2 trillion rubles. Another credit rating company, NKR, predicts that the sector will close 2023 with a profit of 2.4-2.6 trillion. The Central Bank of Russia's forecast is also at the level of 2.4 trillion rubles.

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