Russian attack on Ukraine's Dnipro region killed 8 people! Russian attack on Ukraine's Dnipro region killed 8 people!

Making evaluations after the informal European Union (EU) Leaders' Summit in Granada, Spain, Morawiecki stated that the border is sacred for them.

Morawiecki underlined that he proposed cutting social aid for illegal immigrants and said that Poland does not have such aid.

Morawiecki reminded that Poland will ask the people in a referendum to be held on October 15 a question about the EU's migration policy and said: "I suggested that a referendum be held for everyone. The French President concluded that it would be useful to ask the citizens about their attitude to illegal migration and possible quotas for the distribution of these illegal migrants."

Morawiecki said that in order for migrants to stay in their home countries, they should be helped to develop and Poland is in favor of such a solution.

Stating that Poland was the country that had previously warned to be careful against Russia, Morawiecki said: "We warned about the energy crisis and it happened as we said. The same applies to illegal migration. We warn against accepting illegal migrants into Europe."

"I am the prime minister of Poland. I am responsible for the security of Poland and its citizens. Therefore, as a responsible politician, I officially reject the entire paragraph of the summit's final declaration on migration," Morawiecki said on his X account.