Begun in 2003, the invasion was presented with the promise of "freedom and democracy". But the reality behind the scenes was much darker: oil.

The cost of the war was heavy. Thousands of American soldiers perished on Iraqi soil. Those who remained behind were left with trauma and pain.

But what about oil? It remained as profitable as ever. American companies made billions of dollars by controlling Iraq's oil reserves.

The victors of the war were clear: Oil barons and arms dealers. The losers were many: Iraqis, the families of American soldiers and humanity.

Humiliating mistake by Trump-backed Michigan GOP Matt Maddock! Humiliating mistake by Trump-backed Michigan GOP Matt Maddock!

Years after the invasion, the wounds are still raw. Chaos and instability persist in Iraq. The families of American soldiers are still grieving the loss of their loved ones.

And the oil? It is still flowing. Like a river of blood and tears.


The US invasion of Iraq is a shameful event for humanity. The only winners of this occupation are the oil companies and arms dealers. Those left behind are in endless pain and grief.