In court documents filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Jolie's lawyers argued that Pitt had a history of physical abuse against her before the 2016 incident on the private jet. 

"Although Pitt's history of physical abuse of Jolie began long before the family's September 2016 flight from France to Los Angeles, that flight was the first time Pitt directed his physical abuse at the children. Jolie then immediately left him," the statement read.

Pitt's close circle, on the other hand, told People magazine that these allegations were "unfounded". 

In 2008, Jolie and Pitt bought 1,300 acres of land and shares in the Miraval Winery in France for about 20 million euros and went into business together. 

Both stars had a 50 percent stake in the property as well as the wine production business. However, following the couple's divorce, Jolie sold her stake in the property to a Russian oligarch in 2021, and Pitt filed a lawsuit accusing Jolie of "systematically obstructing" his management of the winery and selling her share of the winery without first offering it to him.  

The King's portrait caused controversy! The King's portrait caused controversy!

Jolie said she made an offer to Pitt before making the sale, but they were unable to reach an agreement because Pitt wanted her to sign a "confidentiality agreement" about the violence. 

In court records reviewed by The New York Times, Pitt allegedly "choked one of the children, hit another in the face and grabbed Jolie by the head and shook her." The records also said that he "poured beer on Jolie and beer and red wine on the children." 

In addition, at the last hearing, Pitt dropped his request for joint custody of the children and did not object to Jolie being awarded sole custody of the children. Pitt will have visitation rights with his children.