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Margot Robbie, who made headlines with "Barbie", the most popular box office leader of the year, told where she will spend the money she earned from the movie. The 33-year-old Australian star made a huge fortune with the salary and box office revenue she received from the movie, which she was both the lead actress and producer.

It is estimated that "Barbie", the highest-grossing movie of 2023, which earned Greta Gerwig the title of "the biggest opening grossing female director" of all time, earned Robbie about 50 million dollars in salary and box office bonuses.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight channel with her husband Tom Ackerley, Robbie said, "As a matter of fact, I haven't spent anything crazy so far. But my siblings say, 'Where is my house?

Tom Ackerley said, "We should buy a couple of pink Ferraris."

Released on July 21, the movie "Barbie" was among the productions that exceeded the $ 1 billion threshold at the box office.

Editor: David Goodman