Authorities described the incident as a "serious alert". In this case, "multiple law enforcement officers" were shot in the shooting, officials said, adding that the US Marshals Task Force is conducting an investigation in the area, noting that they were fired upon by a person with an active weapon.

Many roads, including parts of Interstate 77 and 277, were closed for faster ambulance transports. The Charlotte Area Transit System informed those on the Gold Line that emergency vehicles were blocking routes from Elizabeth and Hawthorn to Sunnyside Station.

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Multiple law enforcement officers in tactical gear, along with emergency personnel and other agencies, are on the scene of a barricaded active shooter in Carolina. At least seven police officers have been shot, tragically resulting in the deaths of three officers, while others have been hospitalized with injuries. Police are urgently advising everyone to stay away from the area due to the seriousness of this active situation.