Starvation and dehydration in the north of Gaza due to Israel's blockade of aid inflows have so far caused the deaths of 30 people, especially children.
The latest of these was Mohammed, who died of malnutrition at Kemal Adwan Hospital in Beit Lahiya in the north.

Mohammed's bones, which became prominent due to weight loss, revealed the extent of the hunger in the north.

4 attacks in 6 years

Despite his young age, Mohammed, who his father Naim Najjar described as "lively and full of life", has witnessed many Israeli attacks on Gaza.

Mohammed was born under the Israeli blockade imposed since 2006. As if that wasn't enough, he has witnessed attacks in 2019, 2021, 2022 and most recently since October 7, 2023.

However, this last one was the last war she saw; her little body could no longer withstand the Israeli policy of starving, dehydrating and depriving her of medicine as collective punishment for the Palestinians.

Helicopter in Iranian president's convoy crashes! Helicopter in Iranian president's convoy crashes!

"She was a rose bud, turned into a dry corpse"

"My son died because of the blockade and food shortages in northern Gaza," the father said, showing photos of Mohammed before the war, playing, laughing and having fun.

"My son was a rosebud rose and now he is a dry corpse with bones sticking out," the father wept, showing the bones of his son's back and arms.

Calling out to the Islamic world, the father asked, "What has this child done to starve to death?"

Israel is plunging Gaza into famine

Palestinian news agency WAFA reported that the death toll in northern Gaza from hunger, thirst and lack of medicine rose to 30 with the death of another child in Kemal Adwan Hospital.

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) reported today that 1.1 million people in Gaza are exposed to extreme food insecurity, with Israel forcibly starving and dehydrating them and preventing aid from entering.

The UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) said on March 10 that "hunger is everywhere" in the Gaza Strip, which has been besieged by Israel for 17 years.