Can you drink cola with salt? This question has been a controversial topic on social media recently. Some argue that salted cola is harmful to health, while others say it is delicious and refreshing. So, what is the truth? What are the benefits and harms of drinking salted cola? Here are the details of our news.haber içi foto-3

Salted cola is a drink prepared by adding some salt into normal cola. Salt is said to change the taste of cola and reduce gas. The history of salted cola is quite old. According to some sources, salted cola appeared in Turkey in the 1950s. At that time, salt was thought to be good for stomach ailments. Therefore, cola drinkers would add salt to prevent stomach pain. However, this claim has not been scientifically proven. And according to experts, it should never be tried!

Some experts state that salted cola raises blood pressure, tires the kidneys and causes water retention in the body. It is also stated that salted cola dissolves tooth enamel and impairs oral health. Therefore, it is definitely said that drinking salted cola is harmful.