A video shared on X (formerly Twitter) allegedly shows human robots developed by DARPA.


Teyit Hattı first examined DARPA, the subject of the allegation, and its field of work. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), affiliated with NASA and the US Department of Defense, is a government agency responsible for developing new technologies for use by the US military. The agency's activities include the operationalization and testing of new technologies to make them available to the military.

DARPA has been in existence for 60 years with the mission of "making significant investments in breakthrough technologies for the national security of the United States". It also works on artificial intelligence and robotics, making it one of the research institutions investing the most in this field. However, there is no evidence linking the robots in the video to DARPA.

Looking at the social media comments about the alleged video, it is generally seen that users pay attention to the writing "The Creator", which means creator, on the front and back of the overalls on the robots. Some of the comments indicate that "The Creator" is a message that humans will not be needed in the near future.

Based on these comments, Teyit Hattı identified that, apart from the writing on the jumpsuits, at 3 seconds into the video, one of the people recording the robots says "movie The Creator", meaning "The Creator movie". This data raises the possibility that the video shows an organization to promote a movie.

While it is understood that the location where the footage was shot is a stadium, the fact that the giant screen says "SoFi" in the 1-3rd second interval makes it certain that the video was shot at the SoFi stadium in California, USA.

After the location of the video was determined, a search revealed that the upcoming science fiction movie The Creator chose an advertising strategy in which actors dressed as artificial intelligence robots were positioned in the stadium during the American Football match between the LA Chargers and the Miami Dolphins.

The advertised sci-fi movie is about a battle between a former soldier who connects with a childlike robot developed with artificial intelligence.

Also on Instagram, Ken Watanabe, one of the actors of the movie, was tagged in the photos, mentioning this marketing tactic seen in the game of the Los Angeles Chargers American Football Team.

The video has nothing to do with DARPA, which produces new technologies for the US military.

The video shows a PR stunt organized by the upcoming science fiction movie "The Creator".
Actors dressed as AI robots promoted the movie by standing in the stands of the SuFi stadium. 

The claim that the video shows robots being developed for the US military is not true.

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