Factors Increasing Hurricane Expectations:

El Niño: It is estimated that the impact of the El Niño event will increase at the beginning of March 2024. El Niño is a factor that triggers hurricane formation in the Atlantic Ocean.
Sea Temperature: It is stated that the sea temperature of the Atlantic Ocean is high enough to encourage the formation of hurricanes.
Tropical Waves: Tropical waves coming from Africa can prepare the ground for the formation of hurricanes that will affect Texas.
Preparedness is Important:

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Texas residents should be prepared for a possible hurricane. This includes preparing an emergency plan, stocking up on supplies and learning evacuation routes.

Authorities Warn:

Authorities in Texas are also warning the public about the threat of a possible tornado. Emergency management organizations are urging citizens to heed tornado warnings and evacuation orders and take necessary precautions.

Hurricane Risk Can Be Reduced:

Various measures can be taken to reduce the destructive effects of hurricanes. Making buildings hurricane-resistant, developing early warning systems and raising public awareness can play an important role in this regard.

As a result, there are some predictions that a hurricane threat awaits Texas in February 2024. Authorities are warning the public and urging them to take the necessary precautions.