Washington, which tries to lecture the world on HUMAN RIGHTS and DEMOCRACY at every opportunity, detains American university students in handcuffs when they react to Israel's genocide in Gaza.

At every opportunity, the US claims to be a staunch defender of human rights and democracy.

But this is far from the truth.

At Columbia University in the United States, students staged a sit-in in the courtyard of the campus to protest against financial investments in companies that support the genocide in Gaza.


Thousands of students from the US to Australia, France to Egypt have demonstrated at their universities and clashed with police in solidarity with Palestine. Students demanded an end to Israel's attacks on Gaza, support for calls for a ceasefire in Gaza and boycotts of companies supplying arms to Israel.

In this context, faculty members at universities, including students, were also detained. Protests continue to grow at universities in the US against the Washington administration, which does not withhold all kinds of material and moral support to Israel. Every day, new universities continue to join the protests where the police use disproportionate force. While the murderous state of Israel continues to commit genocide in Gaza, blockading Gaza and raining death on Palestinians, its biggest supporter has been the USA. In response to the Washington administration, which does not withhold its support despite the reactions of the whole world, the mass protests that have been going on for a long time at universities in the US continue to increase.


Since October 7, students have organized demonstrations, sit-ins and hunger strikes against the war in Gaza. Recently, they have started camping out on university campuses.

These students are demanding that universities sever financial ties with companies with ties to Israel.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is suing Meta! Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is suing Meta!

They argue that companies that do business with Israel are complicit in the ongoing war in Gaza, and that universities that invest in these companies are also complicit. Donations to universities fund everything from research laboratories to scholarship funds. But these donations are mostly returns on investments worth millions and billions of dollars. The pro-Palestinian protests were the largest since the anti-apartheid protests of 2020.


The US government, which supports ISRAEL's massacre in Gaza, intervened harshly against US citizens organizing demonstrations in support of Gaza. According to the US-based Washington Post, US police arrested more than 1,700 university students during the 2-week-long protests. Intervening against the students, the police surrounded the campus and took up positions in the campus garden. As tensions between students and police escalated, students did not give up their demonstrations of support. After the images of the police surrounding the campus and intervening in the students appeared on social media, reactions from around the world started to come. The events in the US, which characterizes protests in other countries as democracy but intervenes in students demonstrating for Palestine, are followed with "concern" in many countries around the world.


Claiming that New York was under siege due to the demonstrations at Columbia University, Trump said, "The cops were unbelievable." Arguing that Columbia University Rector Minouche Shafik was late in notifying the police, Trump claimed that Shafik was "weak and cowardly".