Saylor Class, a 3-year-old girl living in a farmhouse in Charlotte, North Carolina, complained to her parents that she saw monsters in her room.

Class's parents initially dismissed their little girl's complaint as delusional.

"I even gave my daughter a bottle of water and told her to squeeze it when she saw the monster," said mother Massis Class, noting that they did not take her daughter's complaints too seriously.

The family took action after complaints increased

But in the months that followed, Saylor Class's complaints about something in her room grew louder.

After Massis Class noticed a swarm of bees in the attic and near the chimney, she began to pay attention to her 3-year-old daughter's complaints.

Tens of thousands of bees in the attic

The family called a beekeeper who saw bees flying around in the ceiling of the little girl's bedroom.

The beekeeper scanned the wall of the little girl's bedroom with a thermal camera he brought with him and found tens of thousands of bees nesting in the attic.

45 kilograms of honey were extracted from the attic

The beekeeper, who said that he had never witnessed bees going so deep into the wall before, drilled a hole in the side of the attic ventilation to let the bees out.

The beekeeper extracted 55-65 thousand bees and 45 kilograms of honey comb from the attic.

Massis Class stated that the image of the bees leaving the house resembled a horror movie.

The bees removed from the house were collected into the hive with the help of a vacuum machine.

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The bees, which are thought to have been nesting in the attic for more than 8 months, also damaged the electrical wiring of the house.