Some foods known to cause constipation should be avoided or not consumed. You can get rid of constipation by drinking plenty of water and eating a healthy diet. In addition, you should move more and prepare a diet consisting of vegetables, fruits, legumes and cereals that are high in fiber. Smoking and alcohol should be avoided. In case of constipation, especially in infants and children, massages should be done on the stomach and back. So what is good for constipation, what stops it?

 The first thing to do is to pay attention to the diet. If the person adds fiber foods to the diet and eats regularly, the constipation problem will improve in a short time. Especially dried fruit, water, flaxseed, olive oil, fiber foods, foods such as apples, plums, pears can be good in a short time. In addition, consuming kefir, yogurt and some herbal teas are also among the good ones. If a regular exercise program is also created for constipation, the intestines will move more over time. This leads to the elimination of constipation.

Foods such as carob, lentils, peas, beans and spinach are definitely recommended to be included in the diet. Thanks to these foods, constipation is made faster.

Constipation Treatment with Natural Methods

Words from the Pope that will anger women! Words from the Pope that will anger women!

It is observed that constipation can be eliminated with completely natural methods. The substances that relieve constipation with natural methods are listed as follows:

Pay attention to water consumption and drink more water
Fiber consumption should be increased
The rate of movement should be increased as much as possible
Coffee should be drunk as it can make it easier for a person to go to the toilet
Probiotic food should be consumed
Plums, figs and pears should be consumed
Olive oil consumption should be increased
Dairy products should be avoided

Editor: David Goodman