Sweat is the body's way of expelling harmful toxins from the pores with the help of liquid. This event, which also shows the proper functioning of metabolism, usually occurs in hot weather and during stress. Sweating causes bad odor in people who eat unhealthy food and do not pay attention to cleanliness.

Vinegar, sweating in the body occurs mostly under the armpit. Vinegar prevents the formation of bacteria by regulating the pH balance of the armpit. You can apply vinegar to your armpit after bathing with a cotton pad.

Baby powder reduces the liquid in the humid environment with its absorbent effect. Thus, it prevents the possibility of harmful bacteria. It is also good for diaper rash caused by hot weather. After wiping your body with a clean cloth every day, you can apply baby powder to the area where sweat is the most.

How does armpit darkening go away? How does armpit darkening go away?

Rosemary, take half a cup of dried rosemary leaves and add to 4 cups of water. Steep for a short time and then use this water on your sweating area other than your genitals while bathing. If your skin is irritated when you apply it, stop using it immediately.

This cure made by mixing baking soda, baking powder and lemon juice prevents the formation of both bacteria and odor. Before taking a bath, mix lemon juice and baking soda to make a paste. Apply this pasty mixture to the armpits. Wait for about 10 minutes. Then wash the application area.

Lemon cure prevents the formation of harmful bacteria thanks to its antiseptic properties. Squeeze a lemon well, then apply it to your armpit with a cotton pad, in addition to reducing bad odor, it also regulates the color of the armpit darkened by sweat. Do not forget to rinse with warm water 15 minutes after applying the lemon.

Editor: David Goodman