It fell to Earth: 30-year mission ended! It fell to Earth: 30-year mission ended!

If you've ever reinstalled Windows 11 in a new way, you know how long it takes and how much effort it takes to get started. Fortunately, Microsoft has addressed this issue. In a recent update to Windows 11 Beta, the company is working on a way to reinstall your operating system via Windows Update. And no files are lost in the process.
The latest update to the Windows Insider Beta has added a new feature titled "Fix Problems Using Windows Update".

As this feature is still a work in progress, it is not currently working as it should. However, if you are a Windows 11 Insider Beta member, you can see your own button on the Recovery page in the Windows 11 backup settings.
The feature doesn't work in its current form, but the description gives us a good clue as to what it does. The setting states that it will "Reinstall your current version of Windows (with your apps, files, and settings preserved)".
This feature performs a brand new reinstallation of Windows 11 without requiring any external drivers or additional downloads. This is good news for users; reinstalling the operating system is a common troubleshooting solution. So making it easier for people to do this is a big win.
As the feature is still under construction, the fine details of this new feature are unknown. For example, we are not sure if Windows 11 will be able to repair itself without rebooting, how long the process will take, or if this feature is a better alternative to using an external recovery drive.