Found a 400-year-old treasure while renovating the kitchen Found a 400-year-old treasure while renovating the kitchen

So, in which states in the US are hidden camera scandals more common?

Nevada: Hidden camera scandals are more common in tourist-heavy cities like Las Vegas.
Florida: Hidden camera cases are also common in vacation destinations like Miami and Orlando.
Texas: Hidden camera scandals also occur in big cities like Houston and Dallas.
New York: New York City is also known for cases of hidden cameras in hotel rooms.

How can you protect yourself against hidden cameras?

Research the hotel before booking a room. Read reviews about the hotel on the internet and find out about its reliability.
Check the room carefully as soon as you enter. Check for hidden cameras, especially in areas such as the shower, bedroom and mirror.
Report any suspicious devices to the hotel staff.
Be careful when using your electronic devices. Hidden cameras can record your images using Wi-Fi signals.
Use hidden camera finder apps. These apps can help you detect hidden cameras using your phone's camera.
Hidden camera scandals show how insecure people's private lives are. Hotel customers should be careful and take the necessary precautions to protect themselves from such scandals.