The Pennsylvania District Attorney's Office confirmed that Ronald Davis, 37, was arrested for abusing his authority to improperly keep his ex-girlfriend in a mental institution.


According to court documents released by the prosecutor's office, the victim claimed that she was subjected to forced medical treatment and that Davis told her, "I know you're not crazy, but I know the law, I'm going to make you look crazy."

The nightmare for the victim, identified as M.F., began on August 21.

The police officer, who was off duty at the time, contacted the district authorities through his official e-mail account. He claimed that the woman he had been with for four months was suicidal and suffered from mental health problems and needed supervision.

After getting the probation order approved, Officer Davis went after the woman himself, saying 'I'll handle this myself' and went to where she lived with a civilian escort. Not understanding what was happening, the woman refused to surrender.


The footage, taken by the man next to Davis and released by the prosecutor's office, shows a woman covered in dirt and trying to escape from a man almost twice her size.

Davis pulls her to the ground and sits on her as she tries to escape, during which time she can be heard repeatedly saying 'I can't breathe'.

"Why are you treating me like a criminal?" M.F. said, according to affidavits, as uniformed police officers arrived and took her to Lehigh Valley hospital, where she repeatedly said she had done nothing wrong.